Maybe your novel is set in a different era, maybe it’s about a particular work environment that you don’t know, maybe it comes to life in another country. If you do not know the reality in which your story will have to be dropped, you need to pop over to these guys to gather as much information as possible to make the narrative more likely. Keep a diary, that is: write a lot. To write well it is necessary to write a lot, so as to be well trained, to be natural and never to run out of words or ideas. For this reason, it can certainly be useful to keep a diary, in which to note every day – with a pinch of creativity – the facts you live and the emotions you feel. This private writing, by doing so, will become a real gym for the preparation of your novel. Find a quiet place to write. There are those who cannot write outside of their silent study, while others love to write in crowded bars. You too must find the place that inspires you the most: from your balcony to the library of your city, passing through the city park and that specific bench by the lake, it’s up to you to choose the place congenial to your creative writing.